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Sunshine House Cleaning Inc is a renowned domestic cleaning company in Wheaton, IL.



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Are you having a hard time finding a team of professionals who can provide you with a variety of solutions? Is your home in such a mess that you lose hope every time you walk in the living room? We are here to restore your faith in cleanliness! Based in Wheaton, IL, our home cleaning company is here to save you some serious time and effort. Whether yesterday’s party has left its mark on your kitchen or you have not cleaned up for more than a week, don’t worry. Our domestic cleaning professionals are here to help you out!

Sunshine House Cleaning Inc
Wheaton, IL
Phone: (630) 965-2849

Young woman with cleaning toolsSince our establishment in 1997, Sunshine House Cleaning Inc has been the most trusted house cleaner in Wheaton, IL. The house cleaning service we provide will definitely exceed your expectations. All of the equipment and products we use are top grade, so you can be sure that the results of our services will be more than impressive. Before we perform any of our janitorial work, we will make an evaluation of the area. This way, our specialists will be capable of making an extra effort when it comes to domestic cleaning difficult-to-reach spots.

The professional house cleaner that will impress you, call at (630) 965-2849

We are very dedicated to our customers, and this is why we never make any compromises with quality. You don’t have to look for another house cleaner! We will gladly provide you with everything from one time house cleaning, to a regularly scheduled bi-weekly or bi-monthly service. Remember that our house cleaning services are tailored to fit the time frame and schedule of your choosing, so you won’t have any problems with us when it comes to timing. If you wish to receive additional information on our house cleaning solutions, contact us today!

by Johnny C.J. on
Outstanding house cleaning company. Thank you!

We had a party for three days at my house, and after everyone had left, I realized the severity of the aftermath. Saying that my entire house was “messy” would be an understatement. It... Read more

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